Yala Wild Hut

Camping within the park is one of the best methods of experiencing nature and immersing oneself in its bounty. The wilderness affords the visitor a glimpse into the incredible beauty of the National Park. Awakening to the varied calls of birds around the campsite, enjoying a steaming cup of tea or coffee by the river while watching the deer and monkeys bathe and quench their thirst is an idyllic start to anyone’s day.

At Yala Wild Hut, we offer the convenience of ‘comfort camping’ giving you the experience of camping in the wild without the worry of actually having to set up camp or the organisation of meals, refreshments or anything else you may require.

We provide camping equipment and setting up of camp. Your campfire will be waiting for you, when you return from your evening safari. You do not need to worry about preparing your dinner; we will have a hot meal ready to be served while you take a refreshing dip in the cool river.
Contact : +94770380210